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Dance like no one’s watching….

“Dance like no one is watching, love like you’ll never be hurt, sing like no one is listening, and live like it’s heaven on earth.”

…..Mario Frangoulis inspired us in that wonderful song which sets the mood for some ephemeral frolic!

whirling-dervishes_450Having danced my way through life…some serious Indian classical dance, some attempts at the western styles, and many dancingnot so serious times, whatever they were/are…..the moments that I feel totally at bliss, at peace with myself, spiritual and pure-unadulterated-one-hundred-percent-ECSTACY-and-PASSION….all at once (minus the drugs)!!

NaVaRaSa has given me the opportunity to share those blissful moments with many more dance enthusiasts as well as the ones who reallly baaadly want to let go, but hesitate to take that first step.

Dance and movement is therapeutic on the basis that movement and emotion are directly related. The ultimate purpose of Dance & Movement Therapy is to find a healthy balance and sense of wholeness..which is obvious by the fact that a little dance  is an instant relief to stress. Imagine what one can do with specialised dance therapy.

And what is dance without music and rhythm…Most pure forms of Indian and western classical dances have to match up 455137~Silhouette-of-Male-Ballet-Dancer-PostersPhoto_DanceSilhouette_000to the complex mathematical counts and calculations of music. Being a ‘math atheist’ (credit Calvin) myself, I have often wondered how I manage to effortlessly figure out the math of Indian classical dance while always having struggled with academic math! I guess it is the unconscious learning that comes with loving something so much…and the technical aspects of dance just flow into the enjoyment of it all…both sides of the brain working really well together perhaps!

Madhulita-17Tpreviewhe repertoire of dance at NaVaRaSa is not just about techniques but also a lot about being able to feel liberated and freeeeeeeee….it could be while taking the numberless circles while at Kathak….or the flow of grace and poise with Odissi….or the richness of Bharatanatyam….or the sensual sway of Salsa…or the super cool attitude of Hip hop….or the broadway feel of Jazz ….or the madness and drama of Bollywood…or letting the body find its voice with Contemporary…or the fun and chemistry of Ballroom dances….we hope to bring it all together and let you explore your NaVaRaSa…your own ‘Essence’!

– Shridevi


PS: Some silhouette pics courtesy various sites of dance enthusiasts.

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