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The awareness creation excercise

So finally I get a chance to prove that I did learn something at my management program at IIMB, given the practical experiences while setting up NaVaRaSa:

– How lack of awareness can kill a really good product/benefit
– Traditional forms of marketing are now passe and most folks are tech and internet savvy
– It is not ‘aggressive’ to create awareness of your products and talk about them, especially when they are of such high quality as the ones we have 🙂
– Word-of-mouth is the second step, basic awareness is the first – simple common sense!

This blog was started as a means of expression when we started NaVaRaSa. Subsequently the subtle marketing material was created in the form of posters and handouts. The closest apartment complex, Raheja Residency management allowed us to put up our material at their costs for a week. Handouts were circulated through the cable network guys, and the usual handout channels. Well wishers put up our more colorful posters at their venues and some for a price.

We waited….and waited! The only thing getting hit is the blog! All the queries and registrations we have gotten so far have been via the internet or contacts of friends. But we still keep at the printing of colorful posters and handouts, which apparently get lost in the overdose of advertising all over the place. We still hope that our courses can reach out to those interested in our vocations but are not that internet savvy…in the meantime, here are some of our publicity material creations for the benefit of those of you who dont get to see them adorning notice boards 🙂




Kathak poster



PS : All posters made by the Facilitator and Creative Director at home on the mac’s iPages software! Yay mac!!!

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