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‘SALE’, ‘DISCOUNT’, ‘FREE’ in Bangalore – some favourite words:-)

“Ok so what’s your best discount price?”

“Why dont you price it low to begin with and once people get used to it and increase it by a couple of hundreds after 2 months?, That way more people will join and once they get used to it, will pay the price”

“XYZ academy is charging only XYZ/-, what’s your problem why cant you go lower than them?”

“How many free classes do I get?”

…….Mostly the questions I get asked. With due respect, this is what the world has come to – Inflate the prices and offer a discount. And then increase it unreasonably and fleece. Obviously, everybody is suspicious of everybody else!

IMG_1807IMG_1798Very few have asked me – “What is the VALUE that I am getting due to this activity?”. That is only because they have asked themselves the same question first! And we are rather proud to have them enrolled in a few of our classes!

At NaVaRaSa we strongly believe that we need to give this value to everybody:

To the students and participants to absorb and learn to the best that is possible;
To the teachers so that they may give their best and enjoy teaching without any other worry;
To the NaVaRaSa space, so that the best possible infrastructure, facilities are provided and the quality is ensured/maintained.
– Whatever the situation maybe, there will be no compromise on this aspect.
– We shall NOT crowd our classes beyond a decent capacity where the participants don’t get individual attention
– We do believe that people do not value “Free”. Nothing comes free really! We highly value our vocations and “For the sake of art or science or whatever else”, there will be a charge, even if very nominal.
– Continuous Innovation shall be our motto. We will bring in interesting features to the NaVaRaSa community from time to time.
– Transparency is very important : with participants and with partners

The obvious conclusion after reading this would be – “Oh, so the prices would be really high!”
Nope! After all that dramatization, here is the anticlimax – The prices are very nominal and set currently as introductory offers very at low/no margins to us. They are ‘Priced at value‘ and some careful consideration and comparison with competition. The focus is not the Price, but the Best Quality that we can provide. First we would work out the quality and then the price based on that.
I would hate to actually put them all up here blatantly and that seems to be popular demand. So will put up some examples, just to prove a point:

All dances except Salsa are priced at Rs. 1000. At NaVaRaSa all dances – western or Indian are the languages of dance and expression. We utterly, terribly love them equally and hence no price difference. Salsa is priced at Rs.1200 per head and Rs.2000 per couple….just a logistics pricing (not discrimination against singles;-))
Discounts, if any are decided upon on a case to case basis. But if discount is the only criteria to enroll, we’d rather wait for the ones that looks for the value. And thankfully since we will not have huge class strengths, we are confident that the classes will get filled in time and that these folks will be part of the NaVaRaSa community for a long time to come. Being an active part of a vibrant community, the value of knowledge, the satisfaction of developing life-skills, the joy of self-introspection and understanding, and all that comes with it, remains Priceless…

Ah yes! I almost forgot….like the Google philosophy, we only want to “Compete with ourselves” :-)))

– Shri

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