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Isn’t creativity that fuzzy look I see in your eyes?

IMG_1936The current theatre workshop for 5 to 8 year olds at NaVaRaSa just got extended by one more Saturday. For the parents it came as a bit of a surprise. ‘Wow, nobody does that!’  ‘Am I hearing it right?’  ‘Is there an extra charge for it?’ ‘But why?’ ‘That’s great news’…


Let me explain – Painting their dreams onto a small portion of the wall is one aspect of this ‘Dramatic Intelligence’ workshop and knowing how enthusiastic our esteemed participants would be, we just felt that they needed one session doing just that. This experience will only make the ‘whole big’ experience more complete.

HaIMG_1876ving said that these guys are a bunch of rather curious people. We have a dreamer. One, with his IMG_1911head stuck firmly in the clouds. We also have a lady with a stunning smile and enthusiasm personified. We now meet the ‘mother hen’ of the lot. A very responsible young lady, her enthusiasm is infectious. Then there is our youngest friend, who is happy in his  innocently happy world. Last but not the least is the glue that binds them all – one quiet lady who shares her cookies with the others.

For all of them, the theatre is yet another journey in the magic that is childhood…

– Rajesh P I

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