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Being ‘Right’ in a left-left world…

Why art? Why music? Poetry? theatre? dance? How does it help you as an individual? Aren’t you wasting your time? What are the tangibles in it for you? Perfectly valid questions and probably being asked by numerous parents, siblings, friends to someone who is slightly tilted to the ‘right’.

Okay this is for all you ‘practical’ people out there. The brain has two hemispheres, right? Right and left. Left pertains to logic, which we so badly need for our everyday functions. Right pertains to creativity, spirituality, spontaneity – in other words what we call the ‘aha’ experience. A healthy human being needs to use both hemispheres of his brain to lead a better quality of life. In modern times like ours, we are tilting more to the left hemisphere as we have inumerable gadgets, systems and processes to ensure that we live pretty safe, peaceful and normal lives. The need for creative expression is at best a luxury for a lot of people and something that is usually done in one’s spare time, if at all.

Anthony Robbins of ‘Unlimited Power’ talks about the human experience as being – not about what happens to you, but what perception you carry with you of that particular experience. In other words, it is the perception of the experience that defines us. Easier said than done. In an extremely chaotic world and in constantly changing times, each one of us are trying to express ourselves, trying to identify the identity within us. In very many of us that identity rests on a job profile or a string of other external appendages.

Art brings out the essence of the individual. It connects to the very soul. It is a super fast escalator that connects us to the depths of our own well being. When an individual is so connected, he need not look for support outside. For this is real. This is genuine. This is truth. That is why we started NaVaRaSa – to help connect the dots.

– Rajesh P I

Theatre practitioner

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