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Subtle nuances in a theatre workshop

The theatre workshop for 9-12 year olds got over 2 weeks ago. What was different this time was that parents were briefed about what to expect and about other possible ‘discoveries’ during the course of a theatre workshop much before the workshop began. The group consisted of 5 boys and 4 girls. What was noteworthy was that each of them had a unique temperament. It was a bunch of extremely different children.

A theatre workshop is a great place to study human behaviour. Usually a gathering of such different energies gives rise to interesting observations. This time was no different. Their contributions during the theatre exercises, the way they dealt with each other. It was very interesting both from a trainer’s perspective as well as from the perspective of group dynamics. As the workshop progressed more subtle responses were on display – sensitivity, concern, gratitude, need for sharing and so on.

Personally for me this was a very rewarding workshop, because here were children sharing gentler facets to their personality. Away from the shrill of the video games and the head banging of pop culture, these children had got together and shared a deeper understanding to themselves and that was simply great.
– Rajesh P I

Glimpses of some original poetry by the children during the workshop:

I am not an Actor
I am not a Star
But I just love the concept of NaVaRaSa
They put me up, they put me down
But still I am not judged as a clown
At the end of the day I came out like a shiny star
– Shaun Joseph

Blue, blue, blue. Its so cool
A sky so blue makes the whole world cool
I like blue and that makes me cool too!
– Ritika

Davie was a boy with big,fat shoulders,
He had a head as big as boulders,
He acted like a baby,
Though in school he behaved quite contrary,
At home, he licked his nice, fine soldiers
– Rohit

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