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Kid Power – an activity based fun health program

We at NaVaRaSa recognize the challenges children face. We felt there is a need to guide children on health aspect also. For the first time in India, we introduce a health program filled with fun, games, art, colouring, recipe making, market visit, story telling and many more. During this summer holiday allow your child to improve their understanding in health and empower them to adopt healthy habits.

The course covers a wide range of topics from calcium intake through the story of ‘Mr. Bones’, discover fruits and vegetables through ‘The garden of colour’, the healthy snack activity “Pack a snack” and many more.

Bharathi AV (PhD, Nutrition), has spent the last decade working and publishing her research work related to understanding lifestyle behaviours. She is the promoter of a lifestyle management clinic at Bangalore that practices scientific approaches for lifestyle management. For children, she promotes school health programs to create a symbiosis between academics and health.

Course objectives:

Introduce health messages with fun, games and loads of activities.

Introduce simple, effective critical health behaviours.

Support parents with health tips and guide to promote health behaviours at home.

Finally, empower children with knowledge and skills successfully adopt healthy behaviours.


Why a health program for children?

Children over the course of time seek to be independent and make individual decisions. During this period, it is important to help children make the right choices. Health is one of the major concerns for most parents.

Research studies have shown that, children exposed to simple health messages effectively (such as activity based) are more likely to adopt healthier habits. This program addresses an array of critical health habits that are crucial for long term child health. The program is designed specifically for this age group. The program is based on studies that successfully impacted positive health habits among children.

Can this program get my child to eat vegetables and fruits?

One of the main focus of this program is to inculcate habits related to fruit and vegetable intake. Quantity and quality are both essential when fruits and vegetables are consumed. In this program, Emails to parents will provide a guide on various aspects of health knowledge, tips and guide to healthy living at home.( A child often practice what’s adopted at home). The program with parental support will improve a child’s consumption of vegetables and fruits.

Why can’t the parent be involved?

While we recognize that parents have the biggest influence on their children, sometimes, this interaction becomes more of a routine, “Carrot is good for your eyes, eat it” is what most mom’s say.

Through the ‘Kid Power’ program, we introduce health habits with fun that is informative and actively promotes the child to adopt the health practice effectively through incentives.

I don’t think my child will attend, if is say ‘This is a health camp’.

Please do not say “you don’t eat your vegetables, so you are going to this health camp”.

Instead describe this camp as

“This is a camp where you will get to do your favourite things like  colour, draw, listen to stories of Mr. Bones. You will also get to play with the puppet Chuni, and Muna and do a lot more of things. You will just have loads of fun”.

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