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Creative Intelligence Workshop Bangalore

As part of our endeavours to take a hobby beyond its entertainment value, we are introducing a Creative Intelligence workshop for children in NaVaRaSa, Koramangala, Bangalore. In its first avatar, an introductory Creative Intelligence workshop will cater to children between the ages of 4 and 7 years starting July 15th and ending on August 5th. The sessions will be held every tuesday and thursday between these dates at 4.30 pm for one hour in our Kormangala location. Read on for more details:

Creative Intelligence Course Objective:
Enhancing the creative intelligence of children using movement, dance and theatre, while they have fun, and seamlessly applying the techniques in skill building and problem solving.

Creative Intelligence Course outline – Introductory workshop for 8 sessions:
– Movement skill building like footwork, rhythm, expressions, hand gestures, motor coordination
– Learning simple concepts (academic/non academic) like numbers, words, shapes, direction, speed, levels etc
– Creativity enhancement for imagination, feeling, and experiential learning
– Acquiring life skills (simple daily life activities) and softskills (team work, listening, leadership, social interaction, body confidence)
– Cultural and aesthetic appreciation of different kinds of dances
– All learning will be using fun, game-based, experiential activities
– The sessions will include warm ups, cool downs, evaluation and interactive feedback from the children.
– There will be an informal presentation for parents at the end of the workshop. Here the focus will be to showcase a part of what they acquired, rather than a regular ‘performance’. This presentation is not the aim of the workshop, since most of the content is an internalising process rather than a demonstration.
– This being only an 8 classes Creative Intelligence workshop, will cover the above areas at their basic level. The future programs will go indepth.
Dates : Tuesdays and Thursdays starting July 15th to August 5th.
Timings: 4.30pm to 5.30 pm
Age group: 5 to 7 years (4+ children can be considered based on pre-workshop meeting with the child)
Fees: The Creative Intelligence course costs Rs. 1500/- but as an introductory price to our existing NaVaRaSa community Bangalore, it will be priced at Rs. 1000/- only
Dress code: Any comfortable clothes like chudidar, tights, tracks, leggings, shorts, etc. (Shoes not a requirement). A water bottle should be carried by the child to class.
Contact: 97412 90592 or navarasa.mail@gmail.com to register. We need to have registrations before July 11th.
Important: The sessions are packed with activities, which have to be experienced as a flow, and hence the children need to be ONTIME for the classes 🙂

More details…

What is Creative Dance?

Creative dance as the name suggests is more about using creative ideas from daily life over and above techniques used in structured dance forms. It explores a personal movement language, the focus being unique and individualistic. Being an organic activity, the idea is to encourage improvisational and creative expression of movements. The focus is to inspire, collaborate and be a catalyst rather than plain instruction based movement.

Why Creative Dance?

Movement/dance is a natural means of expression, imagination and communication, especially for children. It is the one organic activity that enables an individual to move, think and feel simultaneously, hence using both the left and the right hemispheres of the brain. It enhances individual skills such as motor skills, control, coordination and thus promotes positive body confidence or body image and self-esteem. The abilities to design or remember sequences and patterns of movement are also skills essential in understanding math, science, reading. The observation, concentration, listening and perceptive abilities learnt through creative dance are basic skills to help children in their school work.
Apart from skill development at an individual level, it helps promote team work, collaboration, social interaction, leadership qualities, cultural, aesthetic and artistic appreciation.

How do theatre exercises help as an add on?

Theatre is an all encompassing medium for music and dance. The theatre exercises help in fostering body confidence and channelising the creative aspects of the children. This sets the tone for movement games to be introduced and played.

About the trainer:

The sessions will be conducted by myself (Shridevi Mahadevan). I have been an extremely curious student of dance since the age of six. Having picked up nuances of Bharatanatyam (15 years), as a child and continuing with Kathak (7 years), Odissi and freestyle/hiphop as an adult, I still remain a wide-eyed student of dance and movement. Dance has become more than a serious hobby and passion. Not one to have focused too much on performances, dance has always been very personal and remains so. It has always been a medium of self-expression and personal growth in intangible ways with tangible results. The hunger to use it beyond the performance/entertainment space sparked off this workshop idea, and my learnings have been strengthened from attending workshops ranging from Creative Dance to Dance-in-education to theatre-in-education by professional practitioners.
This one month workshop being introductory in nature will give a feeler for the gamut of possibilities and I plan longer interventions after this one. I am also working on taking it a few notches higher with like minded individuals for older age groups of children, teenagers, and adults.

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