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The cultural weekend at Mumbai…

I was at Mumbai last weekend and chanced upon some truly cultural experiences. Saturday the 8th Jan started off with a trip to Bandra, meeting with friends, an attempt to catch a show of ‘Dance like a man’ at Prithvi theatre which was houseful and ending up at a world peace concert of violinists by Dr. L Subramaniam and team at the National Center For Performing Arts – http://www.ncpamumbai.com/event/ncpa-and-lgmf-present-violins-peace. Now this was a truly goosebump-ly enriching experience! There were violinists from Algeria, Norway, Russia and USA. The performers transported us to each of their worlds and then closed with a finale composed by Dr. L Subramaniam. The whole of 2 hours was a treat of Middle Eastern, Jazz & country, Western Classical, Norwegian folk, Russian Gypsy and South Indian Classical music. To add to this there was the spicing up by Mr. Pyarelal of the Laxmikant-Pyarelal duo fame who played some of his soulful compositions and received a standing ovation. It was part of a ‘Beyond the Boundaries’ initiative by the NCPA and I was left asking for more. So I promptly booked the show next evening – A play ‘Crossings – exploring the facets of Lady Macbeth’ – http://www.ncpamumbai.com/event/ncpa-anubhuti-crossings-exploring-facets-lady-macbeth

On sunday Jan 9th after a morning spent in the aesthetics of National Gallery of Modern Art, Jehangir Art Gallery and Prince of Wales Museum, I landed at NCPA’s experimental theatre hall at 5 pm. The presentation that followed explored the nuances of Lady Macbeth with Shakespearean text interspersed with classical dance and movement. This together with the use of kumkum, dhoop, real lamps, classical and folk music to bring out the facets of Lady Macbeth’s calling out to the evil spirits, witchcraft, had its surreal and tantric effect. The metaphors so beautifully represented in our classical and folklore, the parallels to the characted of Putana were mesmerizing. All in all, despite the voices not carrying, the effect of experiment and soulfulness of this presentation was tremendous. Lighting and use of stage, minimal props and costume design were superb.

Watching creative processes and outputs, traveling, interacting with new people, learning and collaborating, brainstorming, observing behaviors, all this and more bring in a lot of new energy to a creative space like NaVaRaSa. It is with this outlook that we’d like to progress and truly add to the creative quality of life of ourselves as trainers and the various individuals who join our community.

– Shridevi

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