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The ecstasy of Krishna!

The idea of Krishna has always been at the very center of Indian Art. Back from a spellbinding Bharatanatyam performance of ‘MohanaKrishna’ by Padmashree Malavika Sarukkai, the Rasas (as she put it) it evoked, fill me with the essence of Krishna and promise to linger on for a long time – http://www.indianstage.in/EventDetails.do?eventId=1421. Simply put, her performance was Abhinaya from the Gut (however crude that sounded)!!!

Just a brief for those who missed it and my personal perspectives only (I am a humble aspiring artist, by no stretch of imagination is this to be taken as a review/critique). The danseuse’s performance began with a Pushpanjali and description of Krishna, the preparation of Mathura for his arrival… subtle, gentle and dramatic all the same! The Raas leela with the Gopikas in autumn under the moonlit sky was transporting. Depicted very much like the gat-bhaavas of the kathak raas leelas, with music and mime for story telling, and the dancer portraying the nayak and nayika bhaavas, as she captured the little details so beautifully. There was such JOY! In contrast, the portrayal of Radha’s longing for Krishna in the background of lilting poetry, and the sheer intensity of the separation pangs, left goosebumps. This eternal love between Radha and Krishna can never be expressed enough, and all our art forms thrive on the romanticism. The little Krishna who shows his mother the world in his mouth, when she accuses him of stealing butter and the mother-son interactions were a personal favourite. Her body language as the little Krishna was impeccable. The accompanying musicians were brilliant in their own right and the lighting was just perfect, almost like an accompanying dancer! The ending with the traditional Tillana and the Adharam Madhuram phrases, was indeed that – a grand performance and a grand finale… Akhilam Madhuram!

That this performance was in aid of Vishranthi – A senior Citizen’s home with a difference (http://vishranthitrust.org/) was the best cherry on the cake. We got to see their work in action and the concept is very inspiring, just like the concept and the very idea of Krishna brings in ecstatic joy to one and all.

– Shridevi Mahadevan

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