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Movement workshop by Rachel Wynne of an Irish-American Contemporary dance company

In the 2 to 2.5 hrs workshop, Rachel will work with the students of their expandance technique that they have developed. The technique focuses on learning to move from a deeply connected place within your body, new tools for improvisation in dance creation and performance, as well as methods to help prevent injury and work with performance anxiety. Move from your joy, into expansion.

For more details –

Age group: 16 yrs and above
Date – Feb 12th, 2012 (Sunday)
Time – 4 to 6.30 pm
Fitness level: average
Cost: Rs. 500/-
Comfortable clothing, no jeans/skirts. Can bring over clothes and change at our premises.

Facebook Event – http://www.facebook.com/events/231813873576016/

Please note that it is open to dancers and non-dancers too. The benefits for non-dancers would be to become more strongly body aware, loosen up, and an understanding of injury prevention.

Since we need to have a proper idea of the strength in the class, it will be wonderful if you can register with payment and confirm your seats. If you are unable to pay before, we will hold your place on a conditional basis of FCFS, please do not be disappointed later since there is a max limit that we can take in due to space constraints. We only accept cash, cheque and online payment.

The details of payment online are:
Account name – Navarasa
Account Type – Current Account – Domestic
Bank – Bank Of Maharashtra, Koramangala
Account number – 68000570893
IFS number – MAHB0001146

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