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Expandance – What the participants had to say…

“I am feeling extremely lighter and at peace. Kind of I have let go of some blockages inside me. I have never done this exercise before, which I enjoyed now. I had questions in my mind as to how this will help me. But now I have no questions, happy to experience this peace. I felt really Nice and peaceful” – Sharvari, (non-dancer, mom of our regular theatre patron child)

“I never expected I will have so much fun. I am really thrilled to be part of this institute as well as workshop” – Shashank (Dancer who traveled from Mangalore over the weekend for the workshop)

“It was the first time ever that I’ve had a chance to attend a movement workshop. Found it very interesting and something to think about for maybe all of life. Had an amazing time!! Thanks Rachel and Shridevi!” – Ashwini (Dancer with NaVaRaSa and software professional)

“I found the workshop really refreshing. I came in thinking that it is all going to be about techniques and dance steps. But realised that to do all that, first you should learn to connect with your core self and body. That is when you can dance. Dance is about enjoying yourself:)” – Arpita (Dancer of multiple genres with NaVaRaSa and software professional)

“Getting lost in the movement is such a brilliant feeling”- Anna (Egyptian dance trainer and dancer at NaVaRaSa)

“I really liked the workshop because it helped me to come out of my worries and tensions. I can feel a light within myself and will be hoping to feel it forever. I am feeling like I am weightless and seems like I am full of hapiness and calm” – Niharika (Dancer of multiple genres with NaVaRaSa and working professional)

“As someone who was not part of the workshop group but an observer, it was amazing to watch the different energies come together into one wave of energy. It was also beautiful to watch inhibitions being shed as the group transformed into slightly hesitant to completely connected” – Rimona (Advertising professional who was instrumental in getting Rachel to conduct the workshop)

“It was a pleasure to teach at NaVaRaSa. Shridevi was so welcoming and the students were totally open to learning, participating fully, engaging and supporting each other. As a facilitator it was lovely to feel so welcome and taken in. Thank you everyone for your willingness to dive into unchartered waters and for your sweetness” – Rachel Wynne (Artistic director at expandance, Brooklyn, New York – http://www.expandance.com)

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