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Play is the highest form of research



Despite all efforts to make learning effective, a big percentage of education still relies on teaching methods adopted during the industrial revolution, that of passive one-way instruction. In the knowledge era the efforts to make it interactive, using multimedia does bring in better assimilation of information. But it still remains passive after the initial fascination for the gadgetised environment wanes. It still caters to individuals who are already good listeners and those with a good amount of visual intelligence. What about the rest? How do we bring out the best in them? How do we PLAY that? Is there a one-can-suit-all formula for the game?

And when I say education, I dont only mean in schools and colleges. It is meant to encompass learning as a lifelong process. Right from when parents try to teach their kids a way of life they think is right, to the tutors in the education process, to the workplace where new skills have to be acquired and so on, the learning never ever stops.

Which part of the learning do we enjoy most? That which is told to us or that which we learn by experience? If nothing comes close to learning by experience, can we wait to experience everything? If that is not practical, is a simulation of the experience the next best way? Here is where we can PLAY with the methodologies and hence understand the learning.

As part of this process, we at NaVaRaSa have chosen a few tools that are up our alley and experiential in nature – Music, Dance, Theatrics, Fine Arts, Yoga & Martial Arts, Visual Media, Culinary Arts, Linguistics and Earth Sciences.

The experts in the fields come together for more depth and breadth on the subject on this forum.

A work in progress like all good research must be….stay tuned.

– Shridevi

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