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Charity (and everything good) begins at home

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 10.17.49 AM“What are we doing to this planet?”
“How can we continue to live like this?”
“How can we bring more children into this situation?”
And similar questions always echoed in the mind. I tried to make small changes for the moment, but continued with the flow, postponing anything more impactful. Until my 1 year old child showed me how it is natural instinct to want to live with nature even if it goes against the ‘flow’ we humans have created. She grabbed her salads (without any dressing) and fruits, and was moody about (read turned up her nose at) cooked or packaged baby food. It is then that the details of pesticide content in our raw food, where they are grown, who are the distributors and all the rest of the theories really started bothering me. The ‘organic’ way began to feel heavy on the purse, but priorities were clear and I cut other excesses.
The terrace vegetable garden was not far behind. The little patches and pots of greens sprouting involved patience and hands on work. Setting out to learn the organic methods, I remembered the good old days of default kitchen gardens of my grand mother and mother, and their no fuss, no chemical methods of gardening.
Composting was another initiative to cut the gardening costs and use the resource rich kitchen waste. Once you start collecting organic waste resources you understand the pain of waste segregation at a mammoth level. Law or no law, waste segregation at source is as essential as charging your mobile phone  (just in case brushing teeth has gone out of fashion)!
And once I started earnest segregation and began analysing the trash, I learnt so much about our lifestyles. I put into action all the small things I have been thinking of, mostly by refusing to take/buy more than necessary. They add up to a different way of thinking, a different way of life. And what is “necessary” keeps reducing….

I have now become sensitive to everything that was happening to someone else – landfills, climate changes, smoky images, news of extinction of species, natural calamities, viral/bacterial mutations, you name it!
So do we live in paranoia spelling doom? Do we go back to the stone age? No. But we can live with awareness and do the little things that we CAN DO one step at a time.


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