Why Theatre based learning for adults in the work environment?  

The best way a child learns to stay away from danger is to experience it. Guardians may even allow the child to go through it as long as they can handle the situation, and use other methods for situations they cannot. These real experiences create a deep understanding at the intellectual, conscious and subconscious level, […]

Sambrama – ‘I realised the greatness of Indian culture’

Yesterday (11 th December), NaVaRaSa celebrated its first year anniversary at the Kyra Theatre Restaurant. With more than 200 well wishers making their supportive presence felt, the stage was set for an afternoon of celebration of Indian culture. Performances staged by students and Gurus ranged from Odissi, Children’s Theatre, Djembe, Kathak, Hindustani vocals, Free style […]

Isn’t creativity that fuzzy look I see in your eyes?

The current theatre workshop for 5 to 8 year olds at NaVaRaSa just got extended by one more Saturday. For the parents it came as a bit of a surprise. ‘Wow, nobody does that!’  ‘Am I hearing it right?’  ‘Is there an extra charge for it?’ ‘But why?’ ‘That’s great news’… Let me explain – […]

Theatre as a tool for personal growth

My child is very shy and I want him to open up, do you think theatre can help? She is a very good actor and I want her to develop her skills. He has a lot of energy and forever getting into trouble… I am hoping theatre can channelise it into something productive… Can theatre […]