‘SALE’, ‘DISCOUNT’, ‘FREE’ in Bangalore – some favourite words:-)

“Ok so what’s your best discount price?” “Why dont you price it low to begin with and once people get used to it and increase it by a couple of hundreds after 2 months?, That way more people will join and once they get used to it, will pay the price” “XYZ academy is charging […]

The awareness creation excercise

So finally I get a chance to prove that I did learn something at my management program at IIMB, given the practical experiences while setting up NaVaRaSa: – How lack of awareness can kill a really good product/benefit – Traditional forms of marketing are now passe and most folks are tech and internet savvy – […]

Rhythmic Splendour

Guru Rumela Mukhopadhay initiated the proceedings on 21st Sept, with a Kathak performance by her student Neha. This solo performance was excellent. Neha is blessed with natural talent and the guidance of her guru. The dance was a ‘Tarana’, a rhythmic piece with a choreography combining various aspects of kathak like footwork, beat theory, circles, […]