Jembe Ashok

Ashok’s theatre and musical interests and acheivements are as diverse as the influences that temper his music. His musical journey began with the tabla and found fulfilment in the djembe. He is a true fusion musician, having played with Carnatic, Hindustani and even dabbled with electronica. He has composed music films and theatre productions and has performed under many musical genres. He also uses the power of music in the field of education.
In a fusion of the arts, he has even played for artist, BKS Varma who painted during the djembe recital. The Attakalari Centre for Movement Arts have used his skills in the arena of dance. Having composed music for several plays including an India – Hong Kong production called ‘Yours Most Obediently’, he is now working with his dream project – Shoonya. As the time keeper for Shoonya he plays the Djembe and Darbuka to bring an ethnic African feel to the band’s compositions. Recently he showcased his compositions to Mrs. Prathiba Patil, the President of India. Besides being a musician, Ashok is also an experienced theatre professional.

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