Origins teach classes using forms such as contemporary dance and yoga. They work with dancers, school children and professionals from other fields to help initiate and support dance services for the local community. They set up workshops for the public and as part of the education outreach project; introduce movement arts to schools, colleges and corporate workplaces. Their interests are in training, choreographing small pieces and making site-specific works. They enjoy interacting with communities from different cultures and have worked in different parts of India

Their Contemporary Dance sessions at NaVaRaSa will be structured as follows:

The workshop will consist of a series of exercises taken from contemporary and traditional forms.

We will begin with a floor warm up which will lead to standing exercises in the center and phrases across the floor. The floorwork will use vocabulary from contemporary dance classes and stretches from yoga. The locomotor exercises across the floor will use Kalripayettu leg exercises and animal stances and release based work for transitions. These will work with physical alignment and concepts used to condition the body for dynamic work. For the later part, combinations that use arcs, planes, and gesture will be used. Release and speed will be used to accent some of this material. Improvisation and tasks to help us make segments of material will also figure during the workshop.

Individual trainer profiles:
The founding member Nakula Somana was introduced to Contemporary Dance through community dance workshops in the UK during the 80s. Currently he works as a part time faculty on certificate dance courses in Mumbai and Bangalore. He also works with beginners and local dance companies on a regular basis.

Anjali has a habit of throwing herself around, thus explaining her varied background and her love of floor work. She graduated from the Sciences Po Lille with a Master’s in International Relations and later obtained a diploma in Movement Arts and Mixed Media from Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts. Her first teaching assignment was with three classes of 38 5-year-olds, who rapidly taught her that she had very little to teach and a lot to learn. Thus she began a career as a learning-facilitator in contemporary dance, creative movement and French. She has worked at Neev Preschool and United Arts Society with children from the ages of 4 to 10. She is also keen to conduct body awareness and playtime sessions for adults. “Learning is more effective when you’re enjoying yourself, and a lot more fun!”

Amaresh is a contemporary dancer and theatre artist. He started his training with a diploma in Theatre and Drama, from Ninasam Theatre Institute (Heggodu, Sagar Taluk, Karnataka) and continued with a Diploma in Dance, from Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts (Bangalore, Karnataka), which included intensive training in Kalaripayattu (martial art) and dance forms Bharatanatyam, Contemporary and Ballet. He is also trained in Jazz (Classical, Modern & Lyrical), Capoeira (Brazilian Dance Form) and Mayurbhanj Chhau (Folk). He has worked for two and a half years in the Professional Theatre Group of Ninasam, Tirugata Theatre Troupe and two years in the Professional Dance Troupe of Attakkalari. Other work experience includes a project called ‘Beyond China’ with ICK Amsterdam in China and Amsterdam which ended with a performance, a project called ‘Phase Zero’ (a dance production) with ‘Swadhyay’, various projects with Nritarutya Contemporary Dance Company as a dancer and is currently working as freelancer in both acting and dance and teaches dance and martial arts in Bangalore.

Photo credit of pic 2 – Avinash Shetty

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