Poonam Narang

Poonam started learning dance at a very young age and has been exposed to both classical and non-classical (folk and rabindrik) forms of dance. She has learnt the basics of classical dances like kathak, kathakali and bharat natyam; but it was odissi that she fancied the most.

Over the years she has learnt odissi from Guru Muralidhar Majhi, Guru Giridhari Nayak, Guru Uday Kumar Shetty Saumya Uday Kumar, and Madhulita Mohapatra

She has performed for Chandana TV and also at festivals like the Tunga Mahotsav, Shivarapana and Sahyadri Utsav in Karnakata.

Although she does not conduct classes at NaVaRaSa for odissi anymore due to various logistic reasons, she continues her patronage by collaborating for events that we participate in.

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