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Ranjani Venkatesan


Ranjani is a fascinating dancer and a Salsa dynamo. Her style of dancing is characterized by  Musicality, Spontaneity and Sensuality. Ranjani has an Indian Classical Dance background. Having started with Bharathanatyam at a tender age, she pursued it for most of her teenage years. This strong foundation shows through in her dancing and she is a pleasure to watch on the dance floor.What many people would not know is that, in addition to dance, Ranjani is also a Fashion Designer from NIFT.

Three years ago, she fell in love with Salsa. So when Salsa became an addiction, she took it one step further by becoming a trainer, certified by Edie the Salsa Freak (USA).

If dancing was a mode of communication/speech, then today she is well versed in the Latin languages of Cha-Cha and Bachata apart from Salsa of course.

Currently, she is training in Ballet, Modern and Yoga.

At NaVaRaSa Ranjani holds group and private training for Salsa, Pilates and Yoga apart from managing the studio activities. She can be reached at 9886483759 for her classes. She can also be contacted by trainers/facilitators to use the NaVaRaSa studio space for their activities.

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