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The NaVaRaSa Experience

When we first envisioned NaVaRaSa two years ago, we wanted a creative space that provided knowledge as well as food for the soul. Not satisfied with the idea of a space which doles out training only, we were clear that NaVaRaSa needed to be a space where the individual could learn, grow, share and breathe […]

Creativity Revisited

For the couple of pottery workshop participants an extra session in ‘Arts, Aesthetics & Creativity’ was very timely and interesting. Shwetal took them through various exercises in clay play to help them explore their creativity and push their limits and think out of the box. Some feedback from the participants in their own words..verbatim: Geetha: […]

Arts, Aesthetics & Creativity

The back end work to set up NaVaRaSa has been in progress since Aug 2009 and those were the days of building partnerships with various experts, designing the interiors, logo and the publicity material etc. While in the process, I met Shwetal, to work on an artistic name board at her studio. I got to […]

‘SALE’, ‘DISCOUNT’, ‘FREE’ in Bangalore – some favourite words:-)

“Ok so what’s your best discount price?” “Why dont you price it low to begin with and once people get used to it and increase it by a couple of hundreds after 2 months?, That way more people will join and once they get used to it, will pay the price” “XYZ academy is charging […]