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Subtle nuances in a theatre workshop

The theatre workshop for 9-12 year olds got over 2 weeks ago. What was different this time was that parents were briefed about what to expect and about other possible ‘discoveries’ during the course of a theatre workshop much before the workshop began. The group consisted of 5 boys and 4 girls. What was noteworthy […]

Creativity Revisited

For the couple of pottery workshop participants an extra session in ‘Arts, Aesthetics & Creativity’ was very timely and interesting. Shwetal took them through various exercises in clay play to help them explore their creativity and push their limits and think out of the box. Some feedback from the participants in their own words..verbatim: Geetha: […]


Being ‘Right’ in a left-left world… Why art? Why music? Poetry? theatre? dance? How does it help you as an individual? Aren’t you wasting your time? What are the tangibles in it for you? Perfectly valid questions and probably being asked by numerous parents, siblings, friends to someone who is slightly tilted to the ‘right’. […]

‘SALE’, ‘DISCOUNT’, ‘FREE’ in Bangalore – some favourite words:-)

“Ok so what’s your best discount price?” “Why dont you price it low to begin with and once people get used to it and increase it by a couple of hundreds after 2 months?, That way more people will join and once they get used to it, will pay the price” “XYZ academy is charging […]