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The awareness creation excercise

So finally I get a chance to prove that I did learn something at my management program at IIMB, given the practical experiences while setting up NaVaRaSa: – How lack of awareness can kill a really good product/benefit – Traditional forms of marketing are now passe and most folks are tech and internet savvy – […]

Rhythmic Splendour

Guru Rumela Mukhopadhay initiated the proceedings on 21st Sept, with a Kathak performance by her student Neha. This solo performance was excellent. Neha is blessed with natural talent and the guidance of her guru. The dance was a ‘Tarana’, a rhythmic piece with a choreography combining various aspects of kathak like footwork, beat theory, circles, […]

An Odissi ensemble

Madhulita Mahapatra performed an Odissi dance as part of our demonstration performances on 20th September. The performance left the audience spellbound for it’s sheer beauty and poise. It couldn’t have been a more beautiful opening for NaVaRaSa. Having practiced Odissi from her childhood, Madhulita was a picture of divine grace. Her piece, which was an […]