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The Dance in my life’s journey – A reminiscence

A story from the archives of Archana’s blog – http://unexploredrandomscriblings.blogspot.sg/2012/06/cluster-of-fun-and-activities-navarasa.html from Friday, 15 June 2012. It has been almost a year since I was absorbed into this swarm of art and activity enthusiasts. Little did I know when I joined that it is going to be a part of me through out my journey. I was looking […]

The NaVaRaSa Experience

When we first envisioned NaVaRaSa two years ago, we wanted a creative space that provided knowledge as well as food for the soul. Not satisfied with the idea of a space which doles out training only, we were clear that NaVaRaSa needed to be a space where the individual could learn, grow, share and breathe […]

The Tree of Life

Kathak and Odissi dancers from NaVaRaSa were involved in a spellbinding theatre production ‘The Tree of  Life’ staged by Script Peoples Theatre at the Christ University Auditorium on 4th Jan. The dancers under the guidance and choreography of Shridevi Mahadevan performed two pieces. One, a song by Nusrat Fatehali Khan, the other by Shankar Mahadevan. […]

Sambrama 2010 – A celebration of dance, music, theatre at Kyra Indiranagar

Rhythmic Splendour

Guru Rumela Mukhopadhay initiated the proceedings on 21st Sept, with a Kathak performance by her student Neha. This solo performance was excellent. Neha is blessed with natural talent and the guidance of her guru. The dance was a ‘Tarana’, a rhythmic piece with a choreography combining various aspects of kathak like footwork, beat theory, circles, […]