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The NaVaRaSa Experience

When we first envisioned NaVaRaSa two years ago, we wanted a creative space that provided knowledge as well as food for the soul. Not satisfied with the idea of a space which doles out training only, we were clear that NaVaRaSa needed to be a space where the individual could learn, grow, share and breathe […]

Subtle nuances in a theatre workshop

The theatre workshop for 9-12 year olds got over 2 weeks ago. What was different this time was that parents were briefed about what to expect and about other possible ‘discoveries’ during the course of a theatre workshop much before the workshop began. The group consisted of 5 boys and 4 girls. What was noteworthy […]

Isn’t creativity that fuzzy look I see in your eyes?

The current theatre workshop for 5 to 8 year olds at NaVaRaSa just got extended by one more Saturday. For the parents it came as a bit of a surprise. ‘Wow, nobody does that!’  ‘Am I hearing it right?’  ‘Is there an extra charge for it?’ ‘But why?’ ‘That’s great news’… Let me explain – […]

The awareness creation excercise

So finally I get a chance to prove that I did learn something at my management program at IIMB, given the practical experiences while setting up NaVaRaSa: – How lack of awareness can kill a really good product/benefit – Traditional forms of marketing are now passe and most folks are tech and internet savvy – […]

Theatre as a tool for personal growth

My child is very shy and I want him to open up, do you think theatre can help? She is a very good actor and I want her to develop her skills. He has a lot of energy and forever getting into trouble… I am hoping theatre can channelise it into something productive… Can theatre […]