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Summer theatre and yoga for children in new BEL road, north Bengaluru

Call 8767444666 or Email to navarasa.mail@gmail.com for more details about the content and pricing.

Why Theatre based learning for adults in the work environment?  

The best way a child learns to stay away from danger is to experience it. Guardians may even allow the child to go through it as long as they can handle the situation, and use other methods for situations they cannot. These real experiences create a deep understanding at the intellectual, conscious and subconscious level, […]

The Tree of Life

Kathak and Odissi dancers from NaVaRaSa were involved in a spellbinding theatre production ‘The Tree of  Life’ staged by Script Peoples Theatre at the Christ University Auditorium on 4th Jan. The dancers under the guidance and choreography of Shridevi Mahadevan performed two pieces. One, a song by Nusrat Fatehali Khan, the other by Shankar Mahadevan. […]

Sambrama 2010 – A celebration of dance, music, theatre at Kyra Indiranagar

Subtle nuances in a theatre workshop

The theatre workshop for 9-12 year olds got over 2 weeks ago. What was different this time was that parents were briefed about what to expect and about other possible ‘discoveries’ during the course of a theatre workshop much before the workshop began. The group consisted of 5 boys and 4 girls. What was noteworthy […]