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Anna Olkinuora


Anna Olkinuora started acting at the age of ten with a theatre school aimed at children and young people in her native Finland. It was her parent’s idea to put her into a drama school to overcome her shyness that changed her life. Before she knew it, theatre ‘swallowed’ her whole. While other kids spent their summer holidays travelling or on the beach, she was ‘working’ as an actress on stage.

Growing up Anna developed an interest for movement arts and started to study different dance forms and yoga. An urge to find new and challenging ways of creating narratives on stage, she found herself moving to London to study Physical Theatre in the St. Mary’s University.

After graduation Anna led dance workshops all over London and around England until deciding to deepen her yoga studies here in India. After finding a vibrant yoga and performing arts scene in Bangalore her initially one year stay extended into a more permanent one. She has worked with different dance and theatre companies as well as yoga studios leading regular classes, workshops and stage work.

Anna’s approach to creative stage work is very playful and exploratory. As a Physical Theatre performer she wants to devise ensemble work that keeps pushing boundaries and challenges audiences.

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