Sarita Phadke


Like a plant that grows in the direction of the light source, individuals and groups strive to grow towards the positive image they hold

The Heliotropic Effect – [D. Cooperrider, 1990: appreciativeinquiry. org].

Sarita means “river” and she believes her name pretty much describes her aptly. Like a naturally flowing course of water, she has followed the course of her life. From Engineering to running her own creative writing series for children (Write to Express) to devising ways to make “work” feel “fun” for her daughter, she believes each of her experiences in various fields have made her the person she is today.

After an MBA from (SIMS), she experienced the corporate life in HR for 5 years before throwing herself into the world of Playback theatre, first as an actor and then a trainer. Five years later the trainer role expanded into other forms of behavioral training with Renga Consultancy.

Combining her training skills and creative background along with a genuine desire to learn more, she and her partner design worksheets for children, called Write to Express.

She currently freelances with NaVaRaSa as a theatre-in-education and creative training expert.

She loves experimenting in different forms of exercise, swimming and traveling.

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